Mazhr ready to boost corporate transformations – my first 10 weeks as Interim Sales Director

April 12, 2023

There clearly is a high interest in the market for Mazhr solutions. This is the key finding I have learned during my first 10 weeks as the Interim Sales Director in this early-stage team optimization and talent potential matching company.

Happy customers, ready platform, high interest

Mazhr clearly is past the early-stage start-up phase. We do have an excellent idea, but also a solution that actually works. We also have satisfied customers and 10 000+ people who have used our service and been analyzed by our platform.

What has been clear from the customers, is that Mazhr is at the core of today’s organizational development and leadership. Everyone I have talked to wants to hear more.

Wide variety of use cases

The high interest is not a surprise as the variety of use cases Mazhr can bring high value is extremely wide. Team optimization and talent potential platform can bring benefits in 

  • setting up permanent, project or agile teams, 
  • matching candidates to teams when recruiting, 
  • helping a new leader quickly find the best ways to lead the team and individuals
  • supporting workforce due diligence or integration execution in mergers and acquisitions
  • giving an additional data point to management reviews and audits e.g. for Venture capital or private equity companies

My ten cents - the largest value is in corporations, transformations, and continuous development

The above list is already comprehensive, but given my background in supporting large organizations, I find two use cases most fascinating and bringing the widest and highest value to customers – organizational transformations and utilization of talent potential analytics for continuous organization development.

Any leader developing their operational model and planning significant structural changes to their organization should know the challenges in transitioning big groups of people to new teams. Mazhr can be the needed saviour and provider of the missing data analytics to help define who sits in which team in the new organization – and help the organizational transformation be successful for once. You can read how this is possible from this blog

We have a serious problem in today’s business - too many people are extremely exhausted or burning out. Burnout is becoming the biggest cause of sick leaves in the Western world. It is bad for business, but more importantly a tragedy to the individual and their families. One of the reasons for the problem is the ever-growing hunt for efficiency. With Mazhr it is possible to gain and sustain both, employee efficiency and well-being. The best results will be achieved if Mazhr is the basis for continuous team optimization and talent potential matching. More on this topic in this blog


Reetta Rajala

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Optimize teams to drive success and well-being
Make HR decisions easier with Mazhr analytics and insights to drive team performance, well-being and long-term success. Match unique individual needs and strategic business goals.