Boost sales by identifying your team’s sales strengths

The recipe for success in a good sales organization is based on leveraging the team’s strengths in the right sales or business development process phase.

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increase in profit

Benefits of a strength-based team development. Strengths-based development helps workgroups realize up to 29 % increase in profit.
Based on Gallup research


increase in sales

Benefits of a strength-based team development. Strengths-based development helps workgroups realize up to 19 % increase in sales.
Based on Gallup research


increase in sales

Identifying the profile of top sales people through assessments helped to recruit right talent, resulting in 18% increase in sales per employee and a total of 10M EUR new annual revenues. -European electronics retailer

Boost sales by identifying your team’s sales tendencies

Leverage the team’s strengths in the right sales or business development process phase.

Copy the success recipe of your top performers for recruitment

What do your top performers have in common in sales tendencies and motivational factors? Match candidates to an ideal profile to find the right people to your team.

Support Individual and Teams Growth

Success is not driven by the strengths the team possess but how well the team knows their own strengths. Self-knowledge increases self-confidence.

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mazhr sales leadership solutions
balanced business development team

Easily collect data on your organizations's sales and business development teams and individuals values, work style preferences, sales strengths and motivational factors. Based a trusted set of assessments field-tested with millions of users every year, available in 40+ languages.

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Gain team wide insights on sales strengths and motivations, working style preferences and team strengths. Mazhr analyses sales strengths in 8 categories. Coaching is available to analyze the result.

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career competencies
career competencies

Match candidates to a team's or a position's ideal profile. Mazhr supports 150+ pre-configured role profiles and possibility to configure your own ideal candidate profile.

Reverse engineer your top salespeople and match candidates to the profile that works best for your sales organization.

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If sales and growth is close to your heart and you need more understanding from your sales and customer team, book a meeting with us!

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Teemu Jäntti
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Mazhr Sales Team Analytics benefits

Understand your team
Understand the natural traits of your team at different sales and customer success process phases.

Who is at his best in cold calling, who will build the solution for the customer and who will take care of the already won customers?
Grow your sales
Identify the inner competencies and weak spots of your team, which will help you develop their skills and advance their career when needed.

Our team competencies may be unbalanced or overemphasized at just one part of the sales process.
Increase diversity and inclusion
By understanding your team’s inner strengths, the factors that motivate them, and the dynamics of the entire team, you can increase the diversity and inclusion of the entire team, each relying on their own strengths.
Reliable results on strengths
Our data and service is based on the AON assessments that are reliable, based on research, and function globally with more than 40 languages.
Personal talent development path
Team members will understand their fit for different sales process phases by understanding their own sales strengths and motivational factors.
Objective data for decision making
By using research-based and digitally conducted surveys, skilled team members cannot sell their skills or motivation to you or an outside psychologist usually conducting audits.
Optimize teams to drive success and well-being
Make HR decisions easier with Mazhr analytics and insights to drive team performance, well-being and long-term success. Match unique individual needs and strategic business goals.