Enhance project success by optimizing team composition

Superpower project teams with increased awareness of the teams' strengths, workstyles and motivations.

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Enhanced Project Success

Smoother project initiation, positively impacting the project's entire lifecycle and ensuring successful outcomes, including timely delivery, improved quality, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Effective Leadership

Project leaders get the necessary tools and support to excel in their roles, resulting in improved decision-making, effective communication, and motivational skills that drive project success.

Harmonious Team Dynamics

Resolve conflicts faster, promote teamwork and collaboration, and prioritize well-being of the project team members.

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career competencies
balanced business development team

Easily collect data on your organizations's teams and individuals values, work style preferences and motivational factors. Based a trusted set of assessments field-tested with millions of users every year, available in 40+ languages.

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Compose the most optimum teams for a given project. Identify candidates that complement each other and have similar work styles.

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career competencies
balanced business development team

Easily simulate the profile of a potential team based on varying team members and their work style, motivations and values.

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Share the team profile of the strengths and development areas for the project team to help them kick off the project with increased awareness of their strengths and potential pitfalls as as team.

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Optimize teams to drive success and well-being
Make HR decisions easier with Mazhr analytics and insights to drive team performance, well-being and long-term success. Match unique individual needs and strategic business goals.