About us

Our mission is to create more inclusion and well-being in work places by optimizing teams based on individuals' inherent work style preferences and motivational factors. This leads to productivity, performance, and long-term success in organizations.

Our Team

Meet our diverse team and advisors behind the scenes in Helsinki.

Our mission is to help organizations to build better and more efficient teams by matching their competency needs, values and culture to the talents' true strengths, work values and potential.

The world of work is in the biggest change in history caused by remote work, mobility, immigration and lesser commitment. This leads to a global problem of job market mismatch, to growing resignation, to quiet quitting, and higher unemployment rates.​

Mazhr helps organizations to build well-functioning and productive teams, in which individuals get to work with their strengths and values matching culture. We also support the organization with managing the potential of their employees and help them with talent management internally and externally.

We unlock the talent potential -to the benefit of people, organizations and society.

About US

Mazhr digital service

Mazhr is a Finnish Intelligent Potential and Talent Management company. We help organizations to build better and more efficient teams by matching their competence needs, values and culture to the talents' true strengths, work values and potential. We also help individuals to get insights into their competences to support meaningful career planning and choices.

Jane Ngo
Jane Ngo
SDR Intern
Antero Ojanaho
Antero Ojanaho
CSO & Head Coach
Naseer Ahmad
Naseer Ahmad
Teemu Jäntti
Teemu Jäntti

Team behind the scenes

Our main operational team is based in Helsinki, Finland. Want to be in our team? Check our open positions or send us an open application!

Services we provide

Mazhr Team Analytics
Understand your team dynamics, competencies and values with Mazhr Team Analytics. Based on the data, you can build balanced and efficient teams.
Mazhr Sales Team Analytics
Boost your sales by identifying your team’s inner strengths in the sales process with Mazhr Sales Team Analytics.
Mazhr Team Development
Manage and communicate the change better in the organization by understanding the team dynamics, values and motivational factors.
Mazhr for talents
For Talents, Mazhr offers the digital service to identify and communicate strengths and values. We also provide career coaching for direction.
Mazhr Talent Matching
Find the right talent or identify it within your organization. Matching to the team is based on assessed personality, motivational factors and values.
Mazhr Corporate coaching
Team and management coaching
Mazhr provides tailored coaching for teams, individuals and management. We have a network of coaches with variety of specializations.
Our services' core is based on work-life psychology

Mazhr has developed our own algorithms on top of the work-life psychology assessments provided by AON. We started developing our algorithms with Jyväskylä University, our clients and over 10 000 individual Mazhr users who we have in our talent pool. The combination of AON and our algorithm provides unique and useful insight of individual, team and organizational strengths, potential and motivation.

Our assessments are based on the online services by world-leading recruitment and human resource development company AON Assessments. Their high quality tools are built on a solid foundation of research and psychometrics.

The work-life psychology methodology is based on Big 5 and Trait theories. AON online assessments are being certified by DNV from Norway. AON handles over 30 million talent assessments each year. AON career assessments are used in more than 90 countries and in 40 languages.

Optimize teams to drive success and well-being
Make HR decisions easier with Mazhr analytics and insights to drive team performance, well-being and long-term success. Match unique individual needs and strategic business goals.