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Understanding Team Member Behaviors
Typically understanding how our team works together is often a guess. We might see how our members are doing things in certain ways but we can’t explain the reasons behind their behaviors. Mazhr’s platform changes that by offering a window into the work style preferences of Reveel’s team. Robin- COO and Founder at Reveel shared his experience: “At first, we thought that we knew each other well. However, by looking at the results, we got to really understand our team's work style. For example, some of us are very keen to get everything right at first, while others are more prone to try out different ways of working.” This new understanding helps Reveel work better together, and know more about each person’s unique way of working.

Aligning Tasks With Strengths
The practical implications of these insights extend to operational efficiency. By recognizing the varied strengths within their team, Reveel was able to optimize task allocation. "We can see that, for example, salespersons have similar behaviors, and different behaviors" said Robin. This knowledge allows for strategic deployment of team members to roles where they naturally excel, enhancing both employee satisfaction and customer experiences. Robin also shared that "We tried to find ways to direct our salespersons to suitable customer groups. If we needed someone to handle a customer that takes a lot of time, we knew we should choose a calm salesperson." This approach underscores the importance of aligning tasks with individual strengths, ensuring that each team member can contribute their best.

Motivating Team Members Through Business Stages
Adapting motivational strategies as the company evolves is crucial. "When you start a company, you are a small group of people. In the beginning, drivers may not be money, but results and so on. But when the company grows, then the salary or some other things become important" said Robin. Recognizing these shifts is key to maintaining engagement and motivation across the team. This insight enables leadership to anticipate changes in team dynamics and adapt their strategies accordingly, ensuring sustained productivity and morale as the business evolves.

In this journey, we discovered how the understanding of team dynamics- previously based on intuition- can be transformed through insightful analysis. The challenge of truly grasping the varied strengths, work styles and motivations within a team was resolved by Mazhr’ platform. The result was not just improved operational efficiency but a more cohesive and understanding team environment, where each member’s unique contributions are valued and leveraged.

“I think the key for us was to get the overall picture of the team's capabilities, both negative ones and positive ones and where we should focus on. I think that was the most eye-opening thing that we saw” shared Robin. This underscores the journey's value and highlights the importance of comprehensive insight into team dynamics to foster a balanced and effective work environment.

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“I think the key for us was to get the overall picture of the team's capabilities, both negative ones and positive ones and where we should focus on. I think that was the most eye-opening thing that we saw.”
Robin- COO and Founder at Reveel

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