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What is Mazhr?

Mazhr is a lifelong career advisor made for you. It helps you to identify your development areas and strengths you can built your career on. Mazhr supports your path all the way from studies to your retirement. Application helps you find your dream job by matching you with organizations who are looking for a talent like you!

If you are dreaming of a career change, Mazhr will help you to identify realistic and accessible alternatives. New Mazhr Card will help you share your potential with your network and show your strengths verified by quality online tests.

Mazhr is a truly empowering application. It helps you build a career path that matches your desires and characteristics in all situations.

Mazhr values your privacy and handles your valuable personal data with extreme care. You are always in charge ot the visibility of your personal information. If you want to delete your account, all the data will be erased by your own decision.

What makes Mazhr unique?