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Mazhr was part of the City of Helsinki's Career Track program to employ spouses of foreign workers.
December 2020-August 2021
Project Manager the City of Helsinki: Maija Melo & Jochen Faugel

Project Manager Mazhr: Antero Ojanaho
The City of Helsinki’s employment program has proved successful. The aim of the Career Track -program is to promote the integration of the spouses of foreign workers and thereby the permanent settlement of the whole family in the Helsinki metropolitan area. With the Career Track employment path, spouses receive support specifically for employment.

The services of the Career Track employment path have been provided by Mazhr Oy, Spring House Oy, Metropolia’s SIMHE services and Finnwards Oy, as well as the Business Services of the Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office, which acted as a partner.

Launched in December 2020, the Career Track service has so far involved around 120 participants from more than 25 different countries, e.g. India, USA and South Korea.

More than 30% of the participants have already found a job or internship. “We have been positively surprised by such quick results. The employment of the spouse significantly supports the integration of the whole family into society and thus improves the chances of companies to retain a skilled workforce,” rejoice Jochen Faugel and Maija Melo, the project planners of the spouse program.

According to studies, about 25% of immigration is work-related. The debate on ways to attract skilled professionals has been really active recently. Many companies have expressed suffering from a skills shortage that is holding back growth. The Helsinki City Spouses’ Employment Program is an excellent example of a successful measure. The educational background of the participants is diverse; participants include doctors, commercial experts as well as teachers and healthcare professionals.

“It has been a pleasure to coach people from different countries and cultures who are so motivated and have a diverse competence. These professionals have a really strong desire to find meaningful work and become part of Finnish society and make their own contribution,” says Antero Ojanaho, who is responsible for the project’s career coaching at Mazhr Oy.

The spouse program and its Career Track employment path are funded by the Talent Helsinki project and the European Social Fund’s “Kokka kohti työmarkkinoita” – project, as part of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy’s Talent Boost action program.

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What the program participants say

Nilima Nerpagare Spouse Program
Mazhr Digital Service and Career Coaching helped me a lot to find job in Finland. I found especially useful identifying my work-life competencies and getting guidance how to develop them. This made it easier to find suitable roles and tell about my strengths in job interviews.

Nilima Nerpagare, Senior Engineer
Carmen Ciocoiu Spouse Program
There are always big challenges in settling in a new country and finding a job. Many thanks to the City of Helsinki for this program, which has made it easier to understand the Finnish labor market and practices. The service and career coaching provided by Mazhr have helped me to express my own strengths and motivation, apply for suitable jobs and succeed in job interviews.

Carmen Ciocoiu, HR Manager
Aziza Ibrayeva Spouse Program
Mazhr's digital services and recruiting process helped me to realize my true passion and to go towards it. It helped to find a company with values in alignment with mine as I embark on the new professional direction.

Aziza Ibrayeva, Project Coordinator
Soroush Poyanfar Spouse Program
Mazhr helped me to find a new job faster in Finland. It made it easier to describe my abilities and motivation in different parts of the hiring process. I recommend Mazhr to all international professionals.

Soroush Poyanfar, Process Engineer
Ann Spitalny Bacon Spouse Program
Mazhr digital service and career coaching helped me recognize my strengths, identify the transferable skills, and helped increase my confidence and focus as I look for a new professional direction.

Ann Spitalny Bacon, BSN, RN
Oby Manyando Spouse Program
Through the work I did with Antero, I understood what kind of jobs I was supposed to be looking for. I found out I should look for jobs that combine business and IT skills together, and I found a job after the coaching sessions.

Oby Manyando, Solution Consultant

Career Track -program in Helsingin Sanomat

There are thousands of educated immigrants in Finland who can’t find a job that matches their education.

“Especially useful was Mazhr’s digital tool, which mapped out my strengths in work life. It helped me understand my own talent and skills and promote it on paper. It was a really quick and structured way to figure out what kind of job I should apply for”. -Nilima Nerpagare
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Services in the Career Track -program by the City of Helsinki

Communicate your strengths
Coaching helps talents communicate their strengths and values to identify and get the right job. Get direction to your career.
MAZHR digital SERVICE For talents
Find a new career or job
Mazhr Talent Matching helps you find the right role, team and organization based on your assessed personality, motivational factors and values.
Optimize teams to drive success and well-being
Make HR decisions easier with Mazhr analytics and insights to drive team performance, well-being and long-term success. Match unique individual needs and strategic business goals.