Springvest Oyj is Finland's leading organizer of funding rounds i.e. share issuance for the  unlisted growth companies. Springvest enables growth investors to invest in unlisted companies in an efficient and trusted manner. Springvest was founded in 2012 to meet the financing needs of Finnish growth companies and investors' desire to participate in the growth journey of growth companies.
The Challenge
Springvest faced two big problems. First, it was tough to find the right people who had the skills they needed and would match with the team. If they picked the wrong person, it could mess up how the team worked together and slow them down. Second, these problems were really affecting the company. Not being able to find dedicated and top-performing sales people meant they might miss their sales goals. All of this could end up costing the company a lot of money.

The Solution
To tackle this challenge, the company adopted Mazhr’s tool designed to uncover the core qualities of their most successful sales staff. Through a detailed mapping process, the company identified the ten key traits shared by their top salespeople. When candidates complete the assessments on the platform, the company can see which candidates have the desired traits, enabling a direct comparison with the attributes of the company’s best performers. “After we identify a match, we invite the applicants to a face to face meeting”- shared by Tommi, Head of Sales at Springvest. This strategy significantly improved the efficiency of the hiring process, as it helped pinpoint the most compatible candidates right from the beginning of the process.

The usability of the tool was also a key factor in its adoption. Its user-friendly interface means that Tommi can easily navigate through its features without needing extensive training or technical knowledge.  

A more effective hiring process:
By leveraging Mazhr’s recruitment tool, Springvest streamlined its hiring process, significantly reducing the time and resources required to identify suitable candidates. "We receive many applications in a year. We can easily check who is the most compatible applicant, and we can invite him or her to interview." Tommi detailed. This efficiency enabled Springvest to zero in on the most promising applicants right from the start, accelerating the hiring process and enhancing its effectiveness.

A decrease of stress level: The adoption of the tool has also had a profound impact on reducing the stress associated with the hiring process. With the tool's assistance, the hiring team can make more informed decisions with less effort, diminishing the uncertainty and pressure of the hiring process. "The hiring process is definitely less stressful now" Tommi confirmed, expressing his satisfaction with the new system. His positive experience with the tool underscores its value, not just in terms of operational efficiency but also in improving the well-being of those involved in the hiring process.

Overall, this made Tommi a "happy user," a testament to the tool's ability to make recruitment not only faster and smarter but also a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Springvest's adoption of Mazhr’ tool transformed their approach to hiring. It drastically cut down the time spent searching for suitable candidates, alleviating the stress and uncertainty usually faced by the person responsible for hiring. The story illustrates that the right tech support goes beyond just making processes more efficient; it can also ease the burden on the individual in charge, making the task of finding the right candidate less daunting. If you're seeking to streamline your hiring process with less stress on yourself and more positive outcomes, this solution might just be what you need. Get in touch with us to discover more or to start a free trial. Let us empower you to achieve your business's hiring goals with ease.

"The hiring process is definitely less stressful now...
We receive many applications in a year. We can easily check who is the most compatible applicant...After we identify a match, we invite the applicant to a face to face meeting"

Tommi Kosonen, Head of Sales at Springvest

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