Marketing Internship experience at Mazhr

August 8, 2023

My summer Marketing internship at Mazhr is soon coming to an end and I have reflected upon my time working with their wonderful team. Some background about myself: I am a Communications and Digital Media student, having completed 2 years of my studies and this is my second internship in marketing. I have enjoyed my experience tremendously as I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects and aspects of digital marketing within Mazhr. 

The internship experience exceeded my expectations and I acquired a great deal of insight into what digital marketing is from a hands-on perspective. Mazhr is a startup, meaning I was given a fair share of responsibility as an intern to take liberty over my ideas and what I wanted to work on. I was welcomed by the whole team with substantial positivity and openness, making me feel very comfortable throughout my internship. Their team is very small consisting of 9 professionals, all of whom play a vital role within the company. Working with such a small team allowed me to freely ask any of the team members for their insights and learn more about the different roles within the company, not just exclusive to marketing. 

The workstyle at Mazhr is very flexible as the team mostly works remotely, meeting in-person 1-2 times per week. I came to the conclusion throughout my experience that remote work was possibly not the ideal workstyle suited for my personal needs, as I need a bit more structure and crave the social interactions of in-person work. 

I am a person that believes that you learn while you work, thus I took it upon myself to further my knowledge by completing online courses that supported the work I was doing. These courses explored the different strategies of social media and inbound marketing and management, giving me a more theoretical framework for applying these approaches to real-life work. Armed with this knowledge, I was then able to create a more professional and effective marketing plan for the content I would be posting on various social media platforms, focused on increasing brand awareness and engagement. 

One of my projects involved creating the Mazhr Tiktok account, which granted me complete creative liberty, whilst remaining aligned with the company’s objectives and mission. Mazhr’s mission is to create more inclusion and well-being in workplaces by optimising teams based on individuals’ inherent work style preferences and motivational factors. This is done through assessments provided through their platform. My aim was to create a lighthearted image for the company and to reach younger audiences for Mazhr’s Talent side. 

Mazhr has two sides: Corporate and Talent. The Corporate side’s objective is to cater to organisations’ needs on our platform, whilst the Talent side is for individuals wanting to complete the assessments and utilise our other services. 

I also created posts for their other social media platforms. Through the online courses as well as with the help of my team members I analysed the different digital marketing strategies and techniques, which allowed me to optimise content creation, engagement, and outreach. This project made me gain a further understanding of how to cater creative content to specific audiences to maximise the impact of Mazhr's presence across various social media platforms. 

Overall, throughout my time at Mazhr, I have not only gained experience in different avenues of marketing but also had the incredible opportunity of working with expert professionals, furthering and securing my understanding of work life in a startup.


Paulina Mokko

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