Mazhr in the core of continuous organizational development

April 12, 2023

We have a serious problem in today’s business - too many people are extremely exhausted or burning out. Organizations are hunting for continuously growing efficiency and too often forget the well-being of individuals under the pressure from the market and boards.

Burnout is becoming the biggest cause of sick leaves in the Western world. It is bad for business, but more importantly a tragedy to the individual and their families. In too many big organizations leadership focuses regrettably often on pure efficiency, forgetting the fact by tons of research that a happy employee performs better and a team working well together performs even better than the individuals summed up.

In today's workplaces, it's common to see individuals being placed into teams where they are unable to fully unleash their potential. Unfortunately, this results in a significant loss of talent, and has a demotivating effect not just on the individual, but on their team members as well. When someone is placed in a team that doesn't suit them, their performance suffers, and this can have a snowball effect on the team as a whole. Ultimately, the underperformance of one individual can lead to a loss of productivity for the entire team.

With Mazhr, it's possible to achieve both efficiency and well-being in the workplace. From the discussions with the customers, I am certain that the best results are achieved when Mazhr is used as the foundation for continuous team optimization and talent potential matching. By utilizing Mazhr's advanced technology, employers can better match employees to roles that align with their strengths and skill sets, resulting in a more efficient and productive workforce. At the same time, employees are more likely to be satisfied and fulfilled in their work, leading to improved overall well-being. With Mazhr, employers can have the best of both worlds - a highly efficient workforce that is also happy and motivated.

Where can continuous and organization-wide use of Mazhr help?

Mazhr is a dynamic and user-friendly talent potential platform that enables organizations to optimize team composition based on factors such as motivation, work style preferences, and inherent characteristics. By leveraging the data analytics capabilities of Mazhr, organizations can:

  • Make informed decisions regarding their team structure and composition. This approach supports a culture of data-driven leadership, enabling organizations to build teams that align with their culture and values.
  • Employers can create tailored development plans for their teams, while also ensuring that they are motivated and performing at their best.
  • By continuously matching individuals to the roles that best suit them, organizations can create high-performing teams across the board. 
  • Ultimately, Mazhr empowers organizations to lead with intention and achieve long-term success.

How does it work?

Using the Mazhr platform on a continuous basis means that assessment data for all employees within an organization is constantly available and can be utilized as a valuable data point for making decisions related to organizational development, leadership, and personnel at all levels - strategic, tactical, and operational. By leveraging the data analytics capabilities of Mazhr, organizations can optimize their teams and match talent potential with the right roles, leading to high-performing teams and healthier individuals. As a result, businesses will thrive and avoid the negative impact of unmotivated or unfit individuals hindering team performance. With Mazhr, organizations can ensure that they have the right people in the right roles, leading to long-term success and growth.

I do admit, this sounds like a fairy tale. Let us come and explain why it is not.


Reetta Rajala

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