Achieving Successful Organizational Transformations with Mazhr

April 12, 2023

Any leader developing their operational model and planning significant structural changes to their organization should know the challenges in transitioning big groups of people to new teams. Too many times the people and team composition decisions are made in a great hurry rather than based on data analytics.

Having spent tens of years supporting corporations in their transformations and seen tens of operational model and organization structure changes, I have observed that forming the actual teams more often than not is delayed, happens in a great hurry close to the deadline, and is mainly based on who knows who and intuition. The team compositions are successful more based on luck than conscious decisions and data. And sadly, very often not at all successful.

Mazhr can be the needed savior and provider of the missing data analytics to help define who sits in which team in the new organization – and help the organizational transformation be successful for once. I see enormous potential in exploiting this easy-to-use platform for optimizing the organizational structure and composition of the teams. 

How can Mazhr help?

In this scenario, the Mazhr platform uses the data fed in by the employees (20-30 minutes per person) and analyses people’s motivation, work style preferences, and inherent characteristics profiles. The employees get their personal digital analysis immediately on the platform. Based on the data and analysis the managers can super easily check how the planned team compositions work together. The decisions will naturally be made based on all information including work history, recommendations, intuition, and experiences. Mazhr will bring in important data analytics.

The platform increases the likelihood of success in the transformation – ensuring the efficiency and performance of the teams, and more importantly, improving the well-being of the individuals. Research tells a clear story: individuals fitting well into their team are happier and more efficient and a team that works well together, performs better. So, why throw people to teams in an organizational structure change without data analytics? Why take the risk of being unsuccessful? After all, a quick and easy way to base your decisions on data analytics is available.


Reetta Rajala

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Optimize teams to drive success and well-being
Make HR decisions easier with Mazhr analytics and insights to drive team performance, well-being and long-term success. Match unique individual needs and strategic business goals.