New year wishes from our new CEO

August 5, 2022

It gives me great joy to say hey 👋 My name is Teemu Jäntti the CEO of Mazhr. I took the reins of Mazhr in early October 2021 followed by the successful period the company had with former CEO Antti Eränne. It has been two months since I started and wanted to share the excitement we have in the team about the coming year 2022. There are four topics worth pointing out from our roadmap, which will re-shape our Mazhr team and services to another level in 2022.

First, we are transforming Mazhr from helping only individuals to helping also organizations.

There are three services that we offer, which are all powered by our science-backed psychological assessments. We help the organizations with Team Audits to understand the competencies, work values and motivation in the team. Based on Team Audit, you know what kind of strengths and weaknesses you have in the team. You can use Mazhr to match your recruitment candidates to your team profile. We also provide you with psychological assessments for your shortlisted recruitment candidates and match them to the team and job profile. For recruitment purposes, you may use our Mazhr Talent Pool or bring your own candidates for assessments only.

Second, we have a unique offering for sales and customer success teams. This is what we are most excited about!

We just launched our Match2Sales -service, which is the third service mentioned above. By doing the individual assessments (takes about 20 minutes) we will provide your team and sales lead with understanding of your natural fit to the sales process phases e.g. contacting customers, closing, building a solution and so forth. Our unique Mazhr algorithm helps sales and customer success leads with building an efficient and balanced team. When you are recruiting new sales reps you can match them to your weaknesses and strengthen the team.

Third, we just started our funding round.

We are looking for pre-series A investors with whom we will get ready for the Series A in H2/2022. If you are interested in joining our funding round, contact Teemu directly for details and further discussions.

Fourth, we are looking for new team members s-o-o-n.

Follow our company page or our team on social media and you will be the first to know. A sneak peak to the first team members. To secure our growth, we need to have 1-3 sales or business development representatives. You get to sell either to sales directors (I know, how much more fun could it be?) or to HR- and Recruitment leads. Another option is to focus on building our partner network. We will be also looking for new tech talent, but sales is the first area.

Before wishing you a stronger year of 2022, one last remark. Especially in Finland – not to worry, other markets will follow – we will continue helping the unemployed and immigrants and their spouses to find new careers and job opportunities. We have a track record of 40-50 percent of helping talented people in finding the next thing when they use our Mazhr app and personalized human2human coaching. I know, it sounds amazing. Our team is motivated by the impact we can have on society and the mismatch at the job market. If you are wondering who you gonna call when working with immigrants, new talent from overseas and unemployed, the answer is Mazhr.

Happy approaching holidays and a successful 2022!

Teemu Jäntti

Teemu Jäntti
+358 40 821 1463

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