Greetings from our CEO: 1 year at Mazhr

October 14, 2022

I had my 1-year anniversary with Mazhr in the first week of October. Although I have the habit of reflecting daily, it is good to stop every now and then to celebrate your successes. Hence, this is my appreciation letter to the whole team, including the Board of Directors and our newish Advisory Board, for the super-work we have done together during the last year. To some, a year sounds like a long time, but when leading and going through changes it goes by superfast. Even in a startup 😊

What have we achieved in a year with Mazhr:

  • We have just launched our brand new B2B-service, which we have been building from scratch since Q4/2021. The first services launched are to support companies in competence, strengths and values based hiring and talent matching free from biases and old-school CV-based recruitments. Currently, we are already building the (Sales) Team Analytics -service to enable our customers to analyze and understand their cultural DNA on the new platform. These are services we have delivered for years to our customers, but we can now do it with better customer experience and higher levels of automation on the platform. 
  • We have just launched our brand new website. Check it out! Let us know if you don’t understand what we do.  
  • We have also built a new sales process and deployed Hubspot as our CRM system. We have a good and positively developing sales pipeline yet struggling still with closing and winning more cases. This seems to be the case for many companies in the HR-domain. Let’s hope that the winter is not getting colder than this. We have also recruited Tanja and Halla to have an actual sales team. 
  • We have some new investors and an Advisory Board with funding of +200k€. Advisory Board has so much experience that our speed of growth and development has been and will be multiplied in the coming months. You can find the names on our website “Our Team” page.
  • We have developed a coaching framework - Mazhr Coaching Manual - to support the coaching partner network we have already built and continue to do so. If you are a Coach or know one who would wish to work with us utilizing our modern team analytics and development tools ping me or Antero Ojanaho. 
  • We have improved our teamwork and structures to support the team growth and speed of execution. We are already a diverse-team of eight talented individuals. It is supernice to develop the team when we know our individual and team strengths and challenges being the perfect testbed for our service development. Not to mention full transparency on our shared values (based on objective data). And it doesn’t hurt having a few experienced coaches in our Advisory Board.
  • Revenue will be higher than in 2021, but as stated earlier we are still working with closing more cases faster. This includes win-loss analysis, updating our sales materials, developing tools to create a sense of urgency and many other things in our sales process. The normal sales management stuff. 
  • We have done our B2B Service vision and roadmap ready for the next 6-12 months. We plan and launch new services or features in two week sprints. We constantly listen to customer feedback and utilize the information in prioritizing our development sprints. There will be some exciting launches on how to analyze your strategic competencies in the organization or how to simulate whether a new team would be a well-functioning one. Connect with me or our sales to keep up to date on the future service launches. 
  • We have redone all our sales materials and marketing content a few times within the year. And we are once again going through the same process to ensure this reflects our sales focus and supports sales in winning the cases.

All in all, what a ride and a year. I am sure that the second year with Mazhr will be more about growth in Finland and internationally and building long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. On top of the obvious continuous service and team development. I am happy to hear from you if you believe we should partner or you would like to work with us. And would never say no to a new customer sharing our values and leadership philosophy.

You will hear more about us in our channels and in our Christmas Greeting.


Teemu Jäntti

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