Lead and build motivated teams that deliver

Understand your team dynamics, competencies and values.


Build balanced and efficient teams based on inner strengths and values

Understand your team dynamics, competencies and values

Mazhr Team Analytics helps you understand the competencies, values and motivational factors of individuals and teams in your organization. Individuals create a profile and take the Mazhr assessments powered by AON. This takes them 20-30 min.

The employees get immediate feedback on their results. Mazhr provides you valuable data-based information to improve performance and leadership across the whole organization.

career competencies
career competencies

Team competencies we review

If you miss relevant competences in your team, the wheel does not roll..

Make data-driven talent management decisions by understanding the current competencies and values of your team or organization.

You can use our Mazhr Team Analytics to identify the competencies in the team and to identify the right talent to the team to strengthen it. Mazhr gives you a concrete roadmap for developing the team and improving your performance.

How to build teams of the future?

Dynamic teams
Understand team dynamics
It's not about the individual but the team dynamics between the individuals. Human observation is often limited and biased.
Team competencies
Understand team competencies
Productive teams have complementary strengths. The development and growth of the team is based on the competencies and weak spots.
Team values
Understand team values
Motivation and engagement is build upon shared values. If the team does not share core values, they are not likely to go to the same direction.

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