5.9. (8.30-9.30 EEST) Free Webinar in Finnish: Winning Project Team - Efficiency in achieving goals by optimizing the composition and management of the project team

August 21, 2023

What are the typical challenges in building, launching and leading a successful project team?

How do you ensure the business case set for the project with better personal and team management?

How do I manage a project team?

Do you know your team's situation and possible risks/conflicts in team cooperation?

How to identify the strengths and motivations of your project's experts and how to use this information?

To whom? For business and project management and project steering groups
When? 05.09.2023 at 8.30-9.30 EEST
Where? The link to the webinar will be sent by email

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Optimization of project teams and performance management based on personal and team strengths and motivational factors.

We talk about effective project start-up and management through better team knowledge. How do you ensure the business case set for the project with better personal and team management?

In addition, we consider the benefits to the project brought by the familiarity between the team members.

Paula Aaltonen as a guest on the webinar. Paula has strong experience in business processes, operational management and management of related change projects. Change and projects, the building of functioning entities and teams make me enthusiastic again and again - "I wouldn't change the project either".


Paula Aaltonen: ERP ja business transformation, Midagon

Teemu Jäntti: CEO, Mazhr Oy

Reetta Rajala: Interim Sales Director, Mazhr Oy

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