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Mazhr for organizations

Mazhr helps organization to improve performance by providing cost effective digital tool to evaluate and forecast the capability of organization’s  human resources to execute the chosen strategy. Mazhr streamlines process of internal and external recruiting making it faster and providing high quality, comparable information for decision making.

Mazhr Talent Review

Mazhr Talent Review is a solution for and organizations to review competencies, work related motives, values and skills of the employees. Mazhr provides tested, comparable, high quality information of individuals, teams and whole organization in a compact form. In addition to CV data Mazhr enables an organization to find outpotential of an employee based on e.g. his or her natural behavior in working life.

Organizations can form their own data bases. By using Mazhr service it is very easy to get summary reports of organization`s and its teamstalent structure.

Mazhr Recruiting

Mazhr helps organizations to identify best talent for the open position. It is fast and cost-effective way to filter and evaluate candidates and get rankings accordingly. Mazhr gives fact based, comparable information of the candidates. It shows potential of a person based on tests he or she can take in Mazhr. By matching candidates’ profiles to job profiles Mazhr helps to evaluate candidates’ suitability to the open position and to the organization`s culture. Organization can filter candidates from Mazhr data base or put job adds to Mazhr.