Mazhr enters xEdu program

After receiving almost 100 applications from 30 countries around the globe, xEdu program has carefully selected the top 10 startups that will transform education as we know it.  M2Talent is proud to be one of the selected ones.

M2Talent and 9 other the top-notch teams that innovate in the experiential, collaborative and game-based learning will start 4-month learning journey with the best coaches in their fields. The program is built around the strong ecosystem that xEdu-program has created with their partners Samsung and Telia. With the help of the cities of Espoo and Helsinki, xEdu startups can co-create their innovative solutions with the schools.

During the program, M2Talent is planning to scale innovative Mazhr-service  for  a value-adding career planning tool in the education segment, starting from senior high to university level.