Mazhr and YTK Association – Together towards a happier (work)life

Mazhr and YTK Association have started a collaboration in the fall of 2019.

YTK Association wants to help the members to succeed in the turns of their working lives and for this reason they started collaborating with Mazhr. The purpose of this collaboration is to offer a tool for YTK Association’s members that they can use to better understand their own professional skills, motivation and values, and to improve their job search requirements.


“Our mission at YTK Association is to provide security and support to our members, regardless of their sector. We want to provide our members with excellent opportunities to improve their job search requirements. Mazhr’s services support our goals, and it’s great for us to start working with them”, says Anne Rautu, Marketing Manager at YTK Association.

“YTK Association understands the changing worklife and its impact on their members. They are actively developing their services with a market leader attitude, and their members can enjoy exceptionally good benefits. It has been wonderful to see how YTK Association’s focus has been in the wellbeing of each member. They are a very appealing and strategic partner for us, as our mission is to build a better worklife for everyone.”,  says Anja Kahri, the CEO at Mazhr Oy.


More information and contacts

Venla Tulppala
Marketing and communications
+358 448981363