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Mazhr for individuals

Mazhr is your life long career advisor.

Mazhr helps you when you start to think about your career opportunities. It helps you choose your career direction when you are wondering what to study after graduating as well as when you are wondering which profession or job is best suited for you. It also helps you when you are thinking of changing your job or career, or actively looking for a new job. Mazhr identifies your strengths and creates a shareable Mazhr Card, which shows your track record and personal strengths in a nice compact form.

When you create your profile on Mazhr, you are always in charge of your own data. You can easily delete it at any time.


Mazhr helps in career planning

Mazhr helps in career planning at any stage in your life. It helps you to find career and job opportunities which matches best to your personal strengths. You can also test your various capabilities, like numerical or logical thinking, your verbal capabilities or e.g. level of English language. By taking the test available in the service, you get immediate feedback of the results. The test platform is provided by Cut-e HmbG, which is one of the leading online test providers in the world, with over 30 million Cut-e tests taken annually. The tests are certified and scientifically reliable and validated.

Mazhr gives you also an opportunity to receive personal coaching. You can choose your coach and decide whether you only want to go through your test results or several coaching sessions.

Mazhr helps in job seeking

Mazhr helps you to find a job that suits your personality best.  We  search and offer you an increasing amount of options from different sources. After taking Mazhr tests, you can match your profile with open jobs and find out which of them suits you best.  Mazhr will also show you what competences are valued in different professions and how your personal results match the requirements. You may want to use your digital Mazh Card to show your potential when contacting the recruiters.