Unlock the team potential

Understand your team DNA with the analytics of your talents' strengths, work values and motivation. Discover top talent that match the competence need and build teams that are both diverse and inclusive. Build new balanced teams that deliver.


Build balanced and efficient teams based on inner strengths and values

Understand your team dynamics, competencies and values

Mazhr Team Analytics helps you understand the competencies, values and motivational factors of individuals and teams in your organization. Individuals create a profile and take the Mazhr assessments powered by AON. This takes them 20-30 min.

The employees get immediate feedback on their results. Mazhr provides you valuable data-based information to improve performance and leadership across the whole organization.

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balanced business development team

Boost your sales by identifying your team’s inner strengths in the sales process

Understand your sales team competencies in different phases of the sales process

Why do some people perform better at some parts of the sales process than others? When employees get to work on their strengths, their motivation and mental well-being at work improve. And so does productivity, unlocking their full potential.

Did you know that the best salespeople have 3-5 sales strengths out of 8 competencies? Only 0.5 % of us have five of them. With Mazhr, you can learn what are your sales team's competencies and whether they are balanced in the team.


Implement change in the organization

Manage and communicate the change better in the organization by understanding the team dynamics, values and motivational factors

When planning and building a new team, how do you secure the shared values needed for a functioning team? How do you communicate with the team about the change taking their motivational factors into consideration? How do you know who in the team has the influencing competencies to act as an internal champion or who is the most suitable for leadership roles?

Mazhr Team Development service provides you with objective and unbiased insights of the team for better change communications and management.

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Mazhr talent matching

Find the right talent to the team and role

Improve performance and employer brand with the inclusive and objective hiring process and recruit the right match to the role

Mazhr Talent Matching provides organizations with high quality, comparable and non-discriminatory data for decision making. Find the right talent to the team and role based on the competencies and values.

Open a new positions based on the competency need. Start the anonymous hiring process that is transparent to the candidate. Find the best talent within the company or externally.


What the users say

Aziza Ibrayeva Spouse Program
We have used Mazhr tests and reports, and they are extremely easy to understand.We have been able to screen, sort and rank the potential candidates. This has not only saved us time, but we have found the right ones to interview and hire. Ductor has been happy, and we have received positive feedback from candidates. Mazhr has a lot of features in a small package. It is easy and fun to use – for us and for our candidates!

Arja Frejborg, HR Director, Ductor
Soroush Poyanfar Spouse Program
Finding Talent in tough Indian market - We recruited a B2B Sales manager to Mirasys India and received over 600 applications in three days. Without Mazhr help in screening, ranking and finding best suitable candidates to the interview phase, we would have been lost. The person we hired is happy and performing really well.

Arindam Das Sarkar, CEO, Mirasys India Pvt

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How to use Mazhr services together?

1,2,3 Mazhr

Assess your (sales) team values and competencies

Understand your organization strengths, values and motivational factors.

Find the right development path for your team

Take your team to next level by unlocking the team potential.

Find the missing competence internally or externally

Find the missing competence within the organization or externally.

job search

Mazhr Team or Sales Team Analytics

Get an overview of your team or organization values and motivational factors, competencies and cultural DNA.

job interview

Mazhr Team Development

Use the data from your employees and teams for developing it to the next level, building a new team or managing change in the organization.

career change

Mazhr Talent Matching

Match the right talent to the role and organization culture by opening a new open position and start the anonymous hiring process that is objective and inclusive.

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