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New year wishes from CEO


Both social and other media have been flooding with remembering the past decade for days now: all of this really took place? Who could have thought back in 2010 that Donald Trump is the President of the United States and Britain is about to leave the EU? Anxiety about climate change did not decrease. On the contrary, participants in the Madrid Summit left home frustrated and empty handed.

A lot of good things happened as well. Digitalization took giant leaps forward promoting transparency and democracy across the globe. Tech start-ups became engines for new innovations and growth. Finland was awarded on several occasions as one of the best countries to live in with the happiest people. The Slush event brought tens of thousands of people in Helsinki each November and millions of euros of new investment money in growth businesses. Worklife has changed remarkably in ten years as well thanks to almost everything turning digital. Remote work, project work and self-employment increased everywhere.

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