Mazhr team work values – would you fit in our team?

August 9, 2022

We have many kind of people in the Mazhr Team. Different backgrounds, different demographics, different kinds of strengths. We have something in common also. Shared values. Do you find yourself in our values? We are looking for new talents soon!

Life balance

Venla: “Work-life balance is an important value for me. I like working in a company where the team celebrates a birthday together having half a day off and doing something unique each time.

Life balance at Mazhr for me means that I can work remotely from Spain some time of the year and also have a team that has fun while working. We have common goals but we can individually choose how and where we get there.”

Antero: Work is a meaningful part of life, but not everything. We encourage each other to enjoy life even though the things might be pretty hard sometimes. Flexibility is part of our way of doing things. We set clear goals and allow everyone to decide how – and where to achieve them.“

Halla: "Work is important to me but I also value my free time. I need to know I can close my laptop and not worry about the work that is undone. I am not sure if my brain ever really switches off properly but at least I know I can chill out with loved ones without any worries of work related things. I also know that I need to take some time off every now and then and being surrounded by a team that I know thinks like me I am never going to feel the pressure of working over time."

Ieva: “Before I joined Mazhr I have never had a job where I would feel confident to ask for sick leave, wouldn’t worry about my email exploding during time off, or even feel like I could finish my work when the working hours are over rather than when all the work is done.

I deeply appreciate the humane outlook that my team and management display toward having a life outside work. I believe that it makes us all more relaxed and in fact more committed to producing good results at work when we are healthy, feel respected, and are not burned out.”

Professional Challenge

Ieva: “I strive for personal growth and improvement. Working in a start-up environment means that we all have a broad list of responsibilities and get to challenge ourselves and work on things that are sometimes out of our comfort zone or skill level, yet we put our heads together and tackle them which in return makes us more capable to think outside of the box, problem solve and learn in a more efficient way.

We are a small team working on a huge project and so each one of us is deeply involved in all aspects of business, meaning that we don’t get stuck in maintaining meaningless tasks and are highly result-driven and motivated most of the time.”

Juha: “In a start-up company there are no two days alike. Everyone has a broad scope of varying tasks that need to be completed. If I don’t know something, I will find out what and how it needs to be done. I feel that my expertise is recognized and I am continuously encouraged to learn new things, thereby broadening my skills in work life.”


Teemu: “We can help unemployed people or immigrants for finding a new career due to our objective and non-discriminatory algorithm. For me, building a more fair and inclusive job market is a strong motivational factor.”

Halla: "In the past I have been told that my sense of fairness is a potential risk for an employer. This is something that makes me smile now. Fairness is at the core of Mazhr values and it is highly appreciated here. I remember standing up for others in the kindergarten and since then it has taken many forms and eventually it has become my career. We are all important and we should support one another and focus on the strengths that we have, look for solutions and opportunities. I believe socially responsible businesses are creating the best possible future for the generations to come."


Antero: “Many clients say that I am positive and honest when coaching them. I believe that it is generally more productive to stay positive in life, but in a coaching role it is also important to help clients face the reality; where they are now, what their strengths and limitations are, what they really want, what achieving goals requires etc. In our Mazhr team we encourage open communication to each other. It builds trust and helps development, because nobody is perfect.”

Influence possibilities

Teemu: “For me to have an impact on unemployed people’s or immigrants and their spouses’ lives is one the key driving forces. We get to unlock the potential of unemployed and immigrants and help them with finding new career opportunities and chasing their dreams. It can’t get better than this!”


Antero: “I believe strongly in what we are doing. Helping people identify, use and develop their strengths is meaningful to me. Helping people who share the same core values and purpose to find each other is meaningful for me. Being part of creating teams and organizations that focuses on what we can build together with a shared mission and complementing strengths is meaningful for me.

Clients sometimes say that Mazhr is not just helping people to find their strengths, better jobs or better career, but changing their life for the better. That’s a bold statement, but also really inspiring.”

Halla: "I am all about meaning and purpose. I can’t get myself motivated without some deeper meaning of the work that I do. I want to contribute and make this world a better place and I truly believe we are all important and have a role to play. We all have various combinations of skills and characteristics that are not utilised well. What really excites me about Mazhr is the potential of scaling my previous efforts up and finally being able to provide information that can be used throughout the employee life cycle. We can support businesses tremendously but also individuals and the outcome is going to be amazing."

Mazhr team in Finland:

Teemu Jäntti, leader who develops people.

Naseer Ahmad, technical project leader.

Venla Tulppala, user-orientated service designer.

Ieva Broberg, full-stack developer.

Juha Niemi, expert.

Antero Ojanaho, positive and honest coach.

Tanja Jeppesen, networking sales professional.

Halla Hänninen, DEI expert.

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