B2B Sales Professional, join Mazhr team!

March 27, 2023

Are you a top sales professional looking for your next challenge? Look no further! Mazhr is seeking dynamic, goal-oriented sales professionals to join our team in Finland as we revolutionize team optimization, development, and management with our easy-to-use platform launched in late 2022.

At Mazhr, we are passionate about ensuring that every team has a suitable and functional composition based on motivation, natural characteristics, and working tendencies. Our objective data helps our customers evaluate the dynamics, interaction, and strengths of their teams and organization and provides important additional information as a basis for decision-making. By optimizing teams and understanding the potential of current and future employees, we maximize efficiency and productivity while ensuring employee well-being.

As a sales professional at Mazhr, you will have the opportunity to become part of the growth story we are aiming for. You'll be able to influence the success of our customers and the well-being of our employees while working in a diverse and international team of seven people. Our team culture is inclusive, open, inspiring, and forward-looking, and we offer the flexibility of remote work. Please note that the working language of our team is English.

The most important motivational factors of our team are meaningfulness of work, honesty, work-life balance, challenging ourselves professionally, fairness, and opportunities to influence both our own work and the world around us. We are looking for energetic and goal-oriented salespeople who share these values and are passionate about sales.

Our salespeople influence their salary through their own work - the reward consists of a fixed basic salary, an activity-based variable salary, and a sales provision. To succeed in this role, you must be:

- Motivated by making sales results

- Fearless in reaching out to customers

- Goal-oriented, independent, and energetic in your approach to work

- You should also have the ability to talk with decision-makers and an understanding of business management and building organizations and teams

- Fluent in English (Fluency in Finnish is a plus, as our main market at the moment is in Finland)

We are at a very interesting stage for our future sales professional. We have a clear and clarified sales story and service, which the vast majority of our potential customers want to hear more about. Our service already has thousands of users, and basics for rapid sales growth are in place. As investors and advisors, we have leading names in management and HR, so in addition to the expertise of our own team, the personal growth and sales work of our future sales people are supported by a network of experts in their field.

We are looking for sales professionals who best fit our team in terms of their strengths and motivational factors, utilizing our own service. Since we walk the talk, we will start our recruitment process from matching your work style preferences and motivation to our team.

Hence, if you are interested in this exciting opportunity, register for our service here.

1) Upload your CV, 2) complete two assessments on personality and work behavior and motivations and values. You will immediately get feedback on yourself and get to know yourself from this new perspective. Assessments in Mazhr platform take 20 minutes in total and by uploading your CV (your own CV or CV downloaded from LinkedIn profile) service will auto-fill the details. 3) We appreciate you telling more about yourself and your motivation joining Mazhr in the Cover letter, which you can send to recruitment@mazhr.com

Any questions?

You can message Teemu on LinkedIn

Join us on our journey as we transform team optimization, development and management. Apply now and secure your chance to be considered for this exciting opportunity.

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